Why “Made in America” Matters to Tilt-Or-Lift

Recently, the U.S. Department of Commerce held the first-ever SelectUSA 2013 Investment Summit. This two-day event highlights the SelectUSA program, which was created to promote investment in American businesses from both domestic and overseas sources. It is just one of many new programs and initiatives in place to show all the amazing benefits of manufacturing products in America. movingtipper

At Tilt-Or-Lift, we applaud any effort to show the world the greatness of everything “Made in America”.  Since day one, all of Tilt-Or-Lift’s amazing lift products, including our patented Lift-a-Lift, Tilt-a-Lift, Port-a-Lift, Tipper, and Tilter, have been assembled in our Ohio facility.

To us, making our product in America is important on a number of levels. First, there is our commitment to our community. The only way to keep America strong is to make sure that manufacturing jobs stay or return here as often as possible. We want our grandkids to know the pride and satisfaction of American-made products. The second reason is safety. Everything we make meets or exceeds the most stringent ANSI and OSHA specifications. Our lifts have the latest in automatic safety features that prevent injuries and keep workers around the globe injury-free. This speaks to the commitment to quality that you only can find in products “Made in America”.

If you want to learn more about Tilt-Or-Lift’s American-Made lift products or our other efforts to support American manufacturing, visit our website or contact us today!

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Fixing Things Before They Break

One of the most overlooked parts of running a successful business is preventative maintenance for your forklifts.  When things are running at full speed, seven days a week, it can be difficult to stay ahead of trouble, but if you don’t it will always cost you in the end. There is little question that in today’s interconnected world, when one thing breaks down, it is not long before your entire operation comes to a grinding halt. At Tilt-Or-Lift, we know how devastating shutdowns like this can be for a business; it is why we take manufacturing tools for your critical forklift preventative maintenance needs seriously.

One great example of how we help make your preventative maintenance easier and more cost-effective, is our Tipper forklift maintenance lifts. Our groundbreaking Tipper tilts your facilities forklifts 90° which allows you unobstructed access to the vehicles underbody. While something like proper forklift maintenance might seem like an afterthought, it is in fact a great way to save time and money. One of our customers in the automotive industry did the math about 20 years ago and saw that this one change in the their maintenance plan, saved them across the board. The benefits of the Tipper included:

  • ·A total of 1,576 hours saved in repairs (axle, motor, mast, leaks, etc.)
  • ·$63,040 saved in total maintenance and labor costs!

If you factor in the money it costs to operate replacement forklifts, our customers figured out the total savings was over $75,000 per year! Imagine what that could equate to now. That is both time and money, which you can invest directly, back into your business. Moreover, when your workers know you care about their safety, both morale and production are bound to increase.

The Tipper is only one of the many Tilt-Or-Lift products that make preventative maintenance hassle-free. To learn more about full line of lifts including our Lift-a-Lift, Port-a-Lift, and Tilt-a-Lift, please visit our website today, or contact one of preventative maintenance experts today.

Remember, you can never go wrong fixing things before they break!

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Servicing Forklifts on the Go – Utilizing the Mobility of the Port-a-Lift

As we’ve discussed here on our blog, our lifts provide the most efficient and the safest way to service forklifts. But what happens if you don’t have an in-house forklift mechanic, or room in your facility for one of our lifts? In that case, you’re most likely going to hire a forklift service company. We designed our Port-a-Lift with those companies in mind.

In essence, the Port-a-Lift is an all-in-one, portable service lift. We’ve outfitted this 13,000lb lift with a trailer so that it can be pulled by a truck. Once you get the lift to the site there are cylinders that lift it up, allowing wheels to pop out on either side. Then you can lower the lift to the ground and get to work. As for powering the lift, it can run on a generator with a liquid propane gas tank—the same kind you would use with your outdoor grill, readily available anywhere—or it can run on 208 single face electric current.

We work hard to make sure that if you’re servicing a forklift, there’s a Tilt-Or-Lift for your needs. The Port-a-Lift allows forklift service companies to enjoy the same safety and ease of use that customers with stationary Tilt-Or-Lift models have come to rely on.

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The Rising Tide that Lifts All Boats – Supporting the Rebounding Auto Industry with the Tipper

This year, automotive sales have reached their highest numbers since before the recession. With that increase has come a resurgence in U.S. automotive manufacturing. The auto industry is one with many moving pieces. Increased automotive manufacturing doesn’t simply mean more cars, it means more parts from automotive suppliers, more workers to put those parts together, and more wear and tear on machines. One of those machines is the forklift. And with the busy production schedules U.S. auto manufacturers are keeping these days, there’s no time for a downed forklift.

Our Tipper lift was developed in conjunction with GM. For years, they had been tipping forklifts on their mass in order to service them. They would do this by attaching a crane to each end of the forklift, or a crane on one end and a forklift on the other. This was a dangerous practice, because if you went too far when pushing the forklift over the whole thing could come crashing down, damaging the forklift and, more importantly, endangering workers. The Tipper replaces the imprecise balancing act of cranes and additional forklifts. Instead you simply drive your forklift up onto the Tipper, and you’re set. See it in action here.  What’s more, the tipper sits flat on the floor so your forklift only has to get onto a small plate, meaning you don’t need much clearance.

Once tipped, the entire underbelly of your forklift is right in front of you, held firmly and safely in place. All told, getting your forklift into position is quicker, as is the actual servicing of the forklift. The Tipper keeps workers safe, and helps them keep up with the lean manufacturing schedules being implemented by auto manufacturers across the country.

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Made in the USA – Ensuring that Every Tilt-Or-Lift is Tested and Assembled Before Heading Out the Door

Tilt-Or-Lift products allow employees to work underneath forklifts. Forklifts weigh several tons, so safety is paramount, and quality begets safety. To ensure this quality, all of our equipment is made in the USA.

Having every Tilt-Or-Lift lift manufactured in America allows us to control every aspect of the manufacturing process, from where each part comes from to how it’s all put together. We’ve looked into taking our manufacturing overseas in the past, but we never felt that we could ensure enough control over the process. We’ve been manufacturing our lifts for a long time, so we know what we’re doing. There’s no risk for a customer that they’ve assembled one of our lifts incorrectly. We also test each lift before shipping. What all of this means is that when our customers receive a lift, all that’s left for them to do is set it in place and drop power to the control box.

We’re proud to say that we’ve never had a single report of accident or injury with any of our Made in the USA lifts. Practiced assembly and rigorous testing ensure the safety that workers demand, and that our products have come to be known for. And as an added bonus, manufacturing our lifts domestically means that they make it to our customers in less time.

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V-30-ALRS Lift-A-Lift® Forklift Service Lift Prevents Against Bottoming Out

V-30-ALRS Lift-A-LiftHere at Tilt-Or-Lift, most of our lifts come with a 5 ft. approach ramp. But when you’re servicing man-on-board stock pickers, that just doesn’t cut it. These pickers have a rub bar that sits less than an inch off the ground. This makes it a challenge to get onto a lift that sits 5¾” off the ground. That’s a problem that the V-30-ALRS Lift-A-Lift® is built to solve. In order to avoid bottoming out, this Lift-A-Lift° model offers customers a 12’ approach ramp and a 16’ runway.

Once your order picker is up the approach ramp and onto the service platform, the Lift-a-Lift® will lift it up off the ground, making it easy to service your truck. In addition to a host of standard features, we also offer custom Lift-a-Lift® models. We know that not every order picker is the same, nor is every service bay. Our custom models ensure that no matter what your requirements are, you can lift your truck off the ground or tilt it back, taking the danger and a great deal of discomfort out of repair and maintenance. The V-30-ALRS Lift-A-Lift® is even a great choice for servicing double deep and triple deep pallet trucks.

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Lean Initiatives – Cutting Costs Through Lift Truck Maintenance

It seems that every day more importance is placed on lean business practices, and rightly so. As companies find themselves competing across a global landscape, it becomes imperative that they cut out waste in order to maintain a competitive edge. Lean practices come in many forms, from designing products for manufacturabilty to laying out plant facilities with Kaizen principles in mind. Utilizing a service lift to repair and maintain lift trucks is another way to “trim the fat,” and create a leaner, meaner business.

There are a variety of “traditional” methods for servicing lift trucks that maintenance operators are far too familiar with. Some facilities make use of the classic jack and block. Others use a second lift truck to mount the first on top of steel saw horses. Still others hook an overhead crane to their lift trucks and tip them on their mass, always holding their breath and hoping the trucks don’t fall over their center of gravity. Aside from creating precarious mounting situations that place repair workers in harm’s way, these setup methods take time and labor. With a service lift, the operator simply drives the lift truck on, presses a button, and the truck is lifted up or tilted back and ready for service. That time used to mount the lift truck is eliminated, allowing workers to focus their attention on repairs, and then move on to other tasks.

Cutting out wasteful time and effort has another benefit: facilities tend to service their lift trucks more often. This moves facilities away from repairing downed lifts and into the realm of preventative maintenance. Fixing lifts before they break down ensures that the facility’s lift truck fleet is always operating at 100%. And what’s more, the cost of regular maintenance tends to be far less than emergency repair costs.

Service lifts don’t make lift truck mounting efforts more efficient, they eliminate these efforts entirely. Service lifts also create a safer environment for repair employees. The piece of mind that comes from knowing that the lift they’re working on is mounted safely and securely allows these workers to focus on the task at hand, streamlining repair efforts further still. There are a lot of lean initiatives, but not many that can boast increased employee safety in addition to cutting costs.

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Safety and Efficiency for Forklift Servicing and Maintenance

Back in the early 70s, a forklift repair man working for a grocery store had a problem: he didn’t like servicing his forklifts by propping them up with a jack and setting blocks underneath them. It wasn’t safe, and it was difficult to get to the parts of the forklift he needed. So he invented a hydraulic lift, ensuring that his repair efforts would be safer and more efficient. That was the Tilt-A-Lift.

Today what began with the Tilt-A-Lift has grown into Tilt-Or-Lift Inc. and the 5 lift models we offer. Each lift gives mechanics easy access to all areas of their forklift. Instead of being forced to slide under the forklifts, mechanics can stand upright and complete their work comfortably and efficiently.

Getting under a slightly elevated forklift held up by blocks is just as dangerous as it ever was. That’s why we build safety into each and every one of our lifts. They’re all constructed right here in Ohio and tested here as well before ever reaching our customers’ facilities. In over 30 years of operation and with over a thousand of our products in the field, we’ve never been informed of a fatality or an injury.

Once a lift makes it to a customer’s facility, there’s no assembly required. All they need to do is drop power to our control panel and connect some hoses we’ve marked, and they can get to work. We offer training and start-up services on request, but we’ve found that most of our customers don’t need them.

In addition to being safe and easy to install, our lifts are built to last. They operate completely on hydraulic cylinders. Without ball screws, chains, cables or other moving parts, there’s a lot less that can go wrong. That’s the reason Tilt-a-Lift’s from the seventies are still in service today.

Tilt-Or-Lift serves a need that no other company on earth does—we’ve checked. It has been our mission from the beginning to make forklift maintenance safe and efficient. We believe we have done this better than any other company in the world.

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