V-30-ALRS Lift-A-Lift® Forklift Service Lift Prevents Against Bottoming Out

V-30-ALRS Lift-A-LiftHere at Tilt-Or-Lift, most of our lifts come with a 5 ft. approach ramp. But when you’re servicing man-on-board stock pickers, that just doesn’t cut it. These pickers have a rub bar that sits less than an inch off the ground. This makes it a challenge to get onto a lift that sits 5¾” off the ground. That’s a problem that the V-30-ALRS Lift-A-Lift® is built to solve. In order to avoid bottoming out, this Lift-A-Lift° model offers customers a 12’ approach ramp and a 16’ runway.

Once your order picker is up the approach ramp and onto the service platform, the Lift-a-Lift® will lift it up off the ground, making it easy to service your truck. In addition to a host of standard features, we also offer custom Lift-a-Lift® models. We know that not every order picker is the same, nor is every service bay. Our custom models ensure that no matter what your requirements are, you can lift your truck off the ground or tilt it back, taking the danger and a great deal of discomfort out of repair and maintenance. The V-30-ALRS Lift-A-Lift® is even a great choice for servicing double deep and triple deep pallet trucks.

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