Servicing Forklifts on the Go – Utilizing the Mobility of the Port-a-Lift

As we’ve discussed here on our blog, our lifts provide the most efficient and the safest way to service forklifts. But what happens if you don’t have an in-house forklift mechanic, or room in your facility for one of our lifts? In that case, you’re most likely going to hire a forklift service company. We designed our Port-a-Lift with those companies in mind.

In essence, the Port-a-Lift is an all-in-one, portable service lift. We’ve outfitted this 13,000lb lift with a trailer so that it can be pulled by a truck. Once you get the lift to the site there are cylinders that lift it up, allowing wheels to pop out on either side. Then you can lower the lift to the ground and get to work. As for powering the lift, it can run on a generator with a liquid propane gas tank—the same kind you would use with your outdoor grill, readily available anywhere—or it can run on 208 single face electric current.

We work hard to make sure that if you’re servicing a forklift, there’s a Tilt-Or-Lift for your needs. The Port-a-Lift allows forklift service companies to enjoy the same safety and ease of use that customers with stationary Tilt-Or-Lift models have come to rely on.

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