Fixing Things Before They Break

One of the most overlooked parts of running a successful business is preventative maintenance for your forklifts.  When things are running at full speed, seven days a week, it can be difficult to stay ahead of trouble, but if you don’t it will always cost you in the end. There is little question that in today’s interconnected world, when one thing breaks down, it is not long before your entire operation comes to a grinding halt. At Tilt-Or-Lift, we know how devastating shutdowns like this can be for a business; it is why we take manufacturing tools for your critical forklift preventative maintenance needs seriously.

One great example of how we help make your preventative maintenance easier and more cost-effective, is our Tipper forklift maintenance lifts. Our groundbreaking Tipper tilts your facilities forklifts 90° which allows you unobstructed access to the vehicles underbody. While something like proper forklift maintenance might seem like an afterthought, it is in fact a great way to save time and money. One of our customers in the automotive industry did the math about 20 years ago and saw that this one change in the their maintenance plan, saved them across the board. The benefits of the Tipper included:

  • ·A total of 1,576 hours saved in repairs (axle, motor, mast, leaks, etc.)
  • ·$63,040 saved in total maintenance and labor costs!

If you factor in the money it costs to operate replacement forklifts, our customers figured out the total savings was over $75,000 per year! Imagine what that could equate to now. That is both time and money, which you can invest directly, back into your business. Moreover, when your workers know you care about their safety, both morale and production are bound to increase.

The Tipper is only one of the many Tilt-Or-Lift products that make preventative maintenance hassle-free. To learn more about full line of lifts including our Lift-a-Lift, Port-a-Lift, and Tilt-a-Lift, please visit our website today, or contact one of preventative maintenance experts today.

Remember, you can never go wrong fixing things before they break!

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