Why “Made in America” Matters to Tilt-Or-Lift

Recently, the U.S. Department of Commerce held the first-ever SelectUSA 2013 Investment Summit. This two-day event highlights the SelectUSA program, which was created to promote investment in American businesses from both domestic and overseas sources. It is just one of many new programs and initiatives in place to show all the amazing benefits of manufacturing products in America. movingtipper

At Tilt-Or-Lift, we applaud any effort to show the world the greatness of everything “Made in America”.  Since day one, all of Tilt-Or-Lift’s amazing lift products, including our patented Lift-a-Lift, Tilt-a-Lift, Port-a-Lift, Tipper, and Tilter, have been assembled in our Ohio facility.

To us, making our product in America is important on a number of levels. First, there is our commitment to our community. The only way to keep America strong is to make sure that manufacturing jobs stay or return here as often as possible. We want our grandkids to know the pride and satisfaction of American-made products. The second reason is safety. Everything we make meets or exceeds the most stringent ANSI and OSHA specifications. Our lifts have the latest in automatic safety features that prevent injuries and keep workers around the globe injury-free. This speaks to the commitment to quality that you only can find in products “Made in America”.

If you want to learn more about Tilt-Or-Lift’s American-Made lift products or our other efforts to support American manufacturing, visit our website or contact us today!

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