Safety and Efficiency for Forklift Servicing and Maintenance

Back in the early 70s, a forklift repair man working for a grocery store had a problem: he didn’t like servicing his forklifts by propping them up with a jack and setting blocks underneath them. It wasn’t safe, and it was difficult to get to the parts of the forklift he needed. So he invented a hydraulic lift, ensuring that his repair efforts would be safer and more efficient. That was the Tilt-A-Lift.

Today what began with the Tilt-A-Lift has grown into Tilt-Or-Lift Inc. and the 5 lift models we offer. Each lift gives mechanics easy access to all areas of their forklift. Instead of being forced to slide under the forklifts, mechanics can stand upright and complete their work comfortably and efficiently.

Getting under a slightly elevated forklift held up by blocks is just as dangerous as it ever was. That’s why we build safety into each and every one of our lifts. They’re all constructed right here in Ohio and tested here as well before ever reaching our customers’ facilities. In over 30 years of operation and with over a thousand of our products in the field, we’ve never been informed of a fatality or an injury.

Once a lift makes it to a customer’s facility, there’s no assembly required. All they need to do is drop power to our control panel and connect some hoses we’ve marked, and they can get to work. We offer training and start-up services on request, but we’ve found that most of our customers don’t need them.

In addition to being safe and easy to install, our lifts are built to last. They operate completely on hydraulic cylinders. Without ball screws, chains, cables or other moving parts, there’s a lot less that can go wrong. That’s the reason Tilt-a-Lift’s from the seventies are still in service today.

Tilt-Or-Lift serves a need that no other company on earth does—we’ve checked. It has been our mission from the beginning to make forklift maintenance safe and efficient. We believe we have done this better than any other company in the world.

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